Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse


Blowjob Censored Group Nurse Oppai Paizuri

Inoue Yumi is an aspiring Nurse who, even though she's young, just got promoted to the position of Head Nurse.

During a shift, at midnight, the condition of one of the patients takes a rapid turn for the worse. After reporting the situation, Yumi begins the treatment - but due to a medical blunder, the patient's condition deteriorates even further. At this point, her colleague Dr. Morishima responds to the report and rushes in. He conducts appropriate treatment and saves the patient's life.

The day after, Morishima and Yumi work another night shift together. Morishima searches for Yumi, but cannot find her. Thinking she's out on patrol, he goes around searching for her and hears her voice from the room of the patient from the previous night. Peeking inside, he finds Yumi burying her face in the patient's crotch and performing fellatio.

The lewd-minded Morishima is surprised that Yumi doing such things, but listens carefully to their conversation. In exchange for him not suing the hospital, Yumi must offer her body to the patient. Morishima begins to think about how he can use this situation to his advantage. Drawing out a plan to bully Yumi, he leaves the area.

Release Date Sept 5, 2014
Language Audio w/ English Text
Developer AmeNoMurakumo
Publisher MangaGamer


Minimum Requirements

Platform Windows XP
Processor Pentium III 800 MHz
Memory 512 MB
Storage 1 GB