Hanafuda by Okama

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  • Completely Uncensored via Original Artwork
  • 12 chapters, 112 total pages, 112 color pages
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Hanafuda tells the supernatural tale of Izuna, a noble turned demon hunter, travelling across Japan to slay the oni that stole the life of his beloved Lady Kiri. On his journey Izuna encounters a young fox that possesses the ability to shapeshift and they travel together to exact revenge on the oni.

Hanafuda, or "flower cards", is a Japanese card game where each suit of cards represents a month and flower. Like the game, each chapter in Hanafuda corresponds to a different suit.
Inside the Book
Susuki ○ Grass Month
Kiku ○ Crysanthemum Month
Momiji ○ Maple Month
Yanagi ○ Willow Month
Kiri ○ Paulownia Month
Matsu ○ Pine Month
Ume Plum ○ Tree Month
Sakura ○ Cherry Blossom Month
Fuji ○ Wisteria Month
Ayame ○ Iris Month
Botan ○ Peony Month
Hagi ○ Bush Clover Month
About the Artist
Okama is a legendary Japanese illustrator and has been published in magazines such as Ultra Jump and Monthly Dragon Age. He is credited with contributing to the Rebuild of Evangelion, ROBOT, Diebuster, Symphogear, Captain Earth, No More Heroes, and many more anime and manga series.

For the worldwide release of Hanafuda, Okama created a re-mastered edition by updating artwork throughout the entire book. Hanafuda has never been seen like this before.
All FAKKU books are completely uncensored. No black bars, no mosaics, and no giant glowing penises.

For Hanafuda we have worked with the original source material directly from Okama (before censorship was ever applied). This is the first time Hanafuda has ever been seen like this outside of Japan. This is the way Hanafuda was meant to be read.
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