Ima Real by Takeda Hiromitsu

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  • Completely Uncensored via Original Artwork
  • 7 chapters, 212 total pages, 4 color pages
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Chapter Release Schedule
March 10th 2016
Ima♡Real AE (Another Episode)
March 11th 2016
Ima♡Real IV (Image Video)
March 12th 2016
Ima♡Real AV (Adult Video)
March 13th 2016
The Budding Crimson Flower
March 14th 2016
Mutual Teaching
March 15th 2016
Ima♡Real Fan Appreciation Day
March 16th 2016
Download Links Available
March 23rd 2016
All FAKKU books are completely uncensored. No black bars, no mosaics, and no giant glowing penises.

For Ima Real we have worked with the original source material directly from Takeda Hiromitsu (before censorship was ever applied). This is the first time Ima Real has ever been seen like this outside of Japan. This is the way Ima Real was meant to be read.
Inside the Book
June 2010
Ima♡Real AE (Another Episode)
December 2010
Ima♡Real IV (Image Video)
January 2013
Ima♡Real AV (Adult Video)
May 2013
The Budding Crimson Flower
February 2010
Mutual Teaching
April 2009
Ima♡Real Fan Appreciation Day
New Illustration
Back Cover
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