PuniKano by pyon-Kti

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The title PuniKano (ぷにかの) comes from the combination of the Japanese words punipuni (ぷにぷに) meaning squishy and kanojo (かのじょ) meaning girlfriend. And staying true to its name PuniKano is full of stories of cute squishy girls!

We have made the title chapter available today to anyone who pre-orders PuniKano. Once you've completed your pre-order you can start reading the first chapter, "Squishy Girlfriend", without having to wait!
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All FAKKU books are completely uncensored. No black bars, no mosaics, and no giant glowing penises.

For PuniKano we have worked with the original source material directly from pyon-Kti (before censorship was ever applied). This is the first time PuniKano has ever been seen like this outside of Japan. This is the way PuniKano was meant to be read.
Inside the Book
Cross Sisters
November 2012
Squishy Girlfriend
May 2013
If Dreams Were Known
August 2013
False ReRAPEtionship
May 2012
Work Secret
March 2012
Doggy Lover
December 2012
I Want Him to Notice!
November 2011
Shape Up!
August 2011
May 2011
It's a Succubus Assault!
August 2012
Imperfect Family
February 2013
Imperfect Family
New Illustration
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