TiTiKEi by ISHiKEi

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  • 25 chapters, 210 total pages, 106 color pages
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One of the Best Selling Hentai of All Time!
TiTiKEi is the first book by renowned hentai artist ISHiKEi (also known under his circle name as Nise Midi Doronokai). It is a compilation of all of his original work since the first chapter, “Various Lewd Things” (Insei Iro Iro), debuted in Comic Masyo back in 2005.

TiTiKEi was the best-selling hentai manga in 2013, breaking records in Japan and solidifying ISHiKEi as one of the top hentai artists in the world. The book features an astounding 106 color pages of bonus chapters and pin-up art from magazine covers spanning several years.

Accompanying the release of TiTiKEi we are offering a poster featuring the heroine Chie in all her bodacious glory. This is one of many new posters we have added to our store to coincide with the release of TiTiKEi.
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All FAKKU books are completely uncensored. No black bars, no mosaics, and no giant glowing penises.

For TiTiKEi we have worked with the original source material directly from ISHiKEi (before censorship was ever applied). This is the first time TiTiKEi has ever been seen like this outside of Japan. This is the way TiTiKEi was meant to be read.
Inside the Book
Various Lewd Things
January 2005
Various Things Even After That
January 2006
Various Things in the Bath
April 2006
Various Things in the Morning
February 2007
Various Things You Never Learn From
May 2007
Various Things Over Here Too
December 2007
Various Things You Weren't Aware Of
June 2008
Various Things You Want To Try
June 2008
Various Pointless Things
January 2013
Various Things... Even With Mom
New Illustration
We Just Got Married!
August 2007
Curious Age
December 2007
Glutton! Crime
April 2008
Afterwork Pleasure
April 2005
November 2004
November 2005
It's the Sins of the Flesh ♡
August 2008
Pure ★ Hustle
December 2009
2006 Vol. 10
Confusion 2
2006 Vol. 13
Confusion 3
March 2007
Confusion 4
July 2007
Lewd Health Officers
September 2004
Lewd Things At The Pool
July 2005
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