Ade-Sugata II 1/7 Scale Figure (Homare)


Bondage Dark Skin Oppai Schoolgirl Outfit

A girl with golden skin wearing a school uniform, by illustrator Homare - the second installment in magicbullet(s) Ade-Sugata series "Bearing remnants of her former innocence, a young woman falls from virtue with a bewildered yet wistful gaze.

Welcome to the Ade-Sugata series, where abnormal fetishes and sensual beauty intertwine. In this second installment, we present a girl with golden skin wearing a school uniform, based on an original illustration by Homare. Sculpted by Hiroki Hayashi, renowned for his realistic depictions of young women. Paintwork by Eimi Hoshina, who has worked on many well-known figures. Revel in her depravity with this exquisitely detailed, ornate figure."

Pre-order Due October 5, 2018
Release Date February 2019
Origin Homare Original Character
Company magicbullet(s)
Dimensions 1/7 Scale (9.4 inches)
Material ABS / PVC