Alice 1/6 Scale Figure (Bi-Syoujyo Mangekyou)

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Maid Oppai

A tsundere-type maid robot. Short and doll-faced with a huge rack.

Illustrator Bijin Happo participated in the planning and contributed the original art for the PC game "Bi-Syoujyo Mangekyou -Girls Hewn by the Hand of God-," from which we present this figure of the tsundere-type maid robot Alice.

That sullen face; that intricate maid uniform. A perfect recreation of her transparent character seen in-game. Includes interchangeable body to show her undressed as well.

Enjoy her in the situation that suits you best.

Pre-order Due June 26th 2017
Release Date November 2017
Origin Bi-Syoujyo Mangekyou
Character Alice
Company Rocket Boy
Dimensions 1/6 Scale (10.24 inches)
Material ABS / PVC