Beat Blades Haruka (Limited Edition, hard copy)

Takamaru Ikusabe, a boy attending Jippou Academy, was
living a peaceful life in pursuit of love, despite constant
cockblocking by his landlord's daughter, Narika Shihoudou.
One day, Takamaru encountered a girl who captured his heart
at first sight. Her name was Haruka Takamori.

That night, Takamaru and Narika were attacked by a
mysterious group of ninjas. The one who saved them from the
crisis was none other than Haruka, wearing kunoichi gear.

Haruka called Takamaru her master and asked him to perform
sexual acts with her. It turned out that Takamaru was the
young master of a heroic ninja clan known as the Crescent
Moons, and via sex, he had the ability to provide a
supernatural energy called Sex Power (SP).

Haruka obtained some SP from Takamaru and managed to fight
off the ninjas, but that was only the beginning of a long
and arduous battle.


- Reversible game cover
- Limited Edition Extra: Original Soundtrack
- OST features 31 tracks, including Full OP Theme, "Like Wind, Like Flame"


Recommended PC Specs:

OS: Windows XP and up
CPU: Pentium 4 or greater
Memory: 512MB or greater
HDD: 1.5GB

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