Honey Select Unlimited Extend


Blowjob Booty Glasses Handjob Headphones Office Lady Oppai Shimapan Stockings Tsundere Twintails Uncensored

This game will be released in early December, 2018.

This is an expansion to Honey Select Unlimited and requires it to work properly.

New personality type, animated h-scenes, clothing options, and hairstyles!
  • New changeable parts and hairstyles for character creation
  • New clothing, hairstyles and accessories for the character creator!
Over 170 new types of clothing, hairstyles, and accessories!
  • Improved character creation!
  • Additional facial texture patterns.
  • A slew of different clothing types (kappogi, armor, and other fantasy types of outfits).
  • An array of new accessories (Science-fiction-ish mechanical items, wigs, wings, and an assortment of general purpose, basic items!)
  • New hairstyles for the front, back, and sides have also been added, all of which can be individually customized.
Use the new Card Fusion feature to combine characters and create entirely new ones!

New personality types
  1. The graceful and mature "Seductive" type
  2. The self-assured and reliable "Faithful" type
  3. The lively and exciteable "Energetic" type
New animated h-scenes!
The new h-scenes include:
  • caressing
  • anal vibrator insertion
  • bound vibrator
  • seated cunnilingus
  • service one-handed handjob
  • insertion bent over dresser
  • special whipping
In addition, the following h-scenes can now be experienced on any map
  • insertion standing while bound
  • missionary while bound to the floor
  • hanging insertion
  • special wooden pony
  • Passionate lesbian sex
  • Harem play (numerous girls)
  • Punishment play (numerous guys)

You can use your own custom characters for lesbian and harem play as well!

New events accompany these new h-scenes!

In addition, every personality type has new events and h-scene voice acting.

Additional maps

11 new maps to choose from!

The types of characters that can be made is even more varied now.

Studio NEO is also included with this expansion! Take meticulously crafted pictures with your favorite characters!

  • Cinematic features have also been enhanced
    • (New poses can be created using the IK and FK functions.)
    • Undo and Redo function
      • (Character poses and item placement can be quickly and easily controlled using the Undo and Redo functions.)
    • Lighting effects can be freely moved about for greater shadow contrast control.
    • Sound effects can also now be placed in specific parts of the map for more realistic acoustics.
    All of these features are completely new to the series.
    Studio Neo enables you to produce scenes and take screenshots with your favorite characters with a vast degree of control!