Courting Étranger

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A pass encounter could become your closest companion.

Courting Étranger is the newest title from one of hentai’s greatest vanilla storytellers, Homunculus.

Tokyiwa and Kuragano are nothing alike but they can’t get other out of their minds! After an encounter at a small shrine, they believe that they might be under the spell of a matchmaker that compels them together. They make a plan to completely avoid each other, but the harder they try, the greater their temptations become. Can they avoid each other or will they be consumed by fate?

Courting Étranger is a another home run from prolific hentai storyteller Homunculus, combining their trademark sweet storytelling with elegant debutantes and cute tsunderes. One of the top hentai artists in the industry, Homunculus’ first two books, Bashful Break and Renai Sample, have both reached several top selling tankōbon lists in Japan.

Release Date July 2019 (Digital)  |  October 2019 (Paperback)
Artist Homunculus
Inside the Book 11 Chapters, 226 Pages, 17 Color Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher FAKKU
Includes DRM Free Download, Achievement + Forum Access


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