Cure Assort


Cure Assort is a collection of three different yuri (girl's love) stories with characters from the Pretty Cure / Precure series.  It was created by Isya of the doujin group "434 not found", and has been brought to you in English with help from Yuri-ism and other members of the scanlation community. Isya has been dedicated to drawing Precure yuri since Hibiki and Kanade from Suite Precure pushed her yuri fantasies to the max.

Isya is quite active in engaging with her English fan base on twitter, which is what lead to Yuri-ism first approaching her to help with officially bringing her work to a western audience.  Isya has invested a lot of time in this release, having never done typesetting or translating into English before.   Yuri-ism has always viewed Isya as one of our favorite artists, and we are thrilled that her doujin activities can finally be supported with an official English release.
Cure Assort features Hibiki and Kanade from Suite, Mana and Rikka from Dokidoki, and a mix of Yuko, Hime, and Iona from Happiness Charge.  In the first part, Rikka has to deal with Mana being popular and desired by the rest of the student base.  She and Mana seek a way to make their relationship special.  In the second part, Hibiki becomes jealous over the feelings of admiration Kanade harbors for another girl.   The two happen to come across the girl engaged in sexual activity, which prompts them to begin going at it as well.  In the final part, Yuko acts as a mediator between Hime and Iono, who seem to be on bad terms.  Yuko takes drastic action to get the others to admit that their anger was merely them repressing their romantic feelings for each other.

Parody Precure
Artist 434 Not Found
Inside the Book 47 Pages
Language English
Uncensored No