Darling, You Drive Me Mad...

Blowjob Cheating Dark Skin Oppai Paizuri Schoolgirl Outfit Socks Stockings Swimsuit Tanlines Teacher Uncensored

Esuke's Darling, You Drive Me Mad... is packed with sweet vanilla stories of shy girls who have a difficult time letting their true feelings known. With a slight nudge though, these rosy cheeked, soft beauties will envelop you, driving anyone with a pulse wild!

Plus, for the first time in any of our collected editions, Darling, You Drive Me Mad... collects the short story, "Petal Princess Junkie", a FAKKU Original story that previously had only been offered on our sites subscription service.

Release Date June 2018 (Digital)  |  November 2018 (Paperback)
Artist Esuke
Inside the Book 10 Chapters, 197 Pages, 2 Color Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher FAKKU
Includes DRM Free Download, Achievement + Forum Access


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