Darling, You Drive Me Mad...


Esuke's Darling, You Drive Me Mad... is packed with sweet vanilla stories of shy girls who have a difficult time letting their true feelings known. With a slight nudge though, these rosy cheeked, soft beauties will envelop you, driving anyone with a pulse wild!

Plus, for the first time in any of our collected editions, Darling, You Drive Me Mad... collects the short story, "Petal Princess Junkie", a FAKKU Original story that previously had only been offered on our sites subscription service.

Release Date June 2018 (Digital)  |  November 2018 (Paperback)
Artist Esuke
Inside the Book 10 Chapters, 197 Pages, 2 Color Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher FAKKU
Includes DRM Free Download, Achievement + Forum Access


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