Drawn by Brush

ISBN : 9781634421027

At the Kiritani Calligraphy School, Shimizu is having a hard time paying attention. He’s trying his best to maintain a steady hand, but his eyes continue to wander towards his busty and elegant instructor, Ms. Kiritani. Deciding to have some fun with him, Kiritani keeps him after class and teaches Shimizu some extracurricular activities. Shimizu is surprisingly a pretty good plaything, Kiritani disciplines her new little puppy and he’s more than happy to obey!

Veteran hentai artist MEME50 returns with his latest collection! And in this release, he turns the tables a bit. A mature and influential woman takes command, drawing her man into her world. She leads his development, while also coming to terms with their mutual appreciation of their craft and talents. Romantic, comical and wonderfully dramatic, Drawn By Brush is the culmination of years of eromanga expertise and will be a must read for hentai fans.

Drawn By Brush is the third book from acclaimed writer/artist meme50. A near ten-year veteran, MEME50’s work has been featured in magazines Shitsurakuten, Kairakuten BEAST and Comic Hana-Man, as well as his own doujin work for the circle, memeya. MEME50 was also Fakku Books guest of honor at Anime Expo 2017, where he filled panel rooms with his unique sense of humor and entertaining views on pop culture. FAKKU Books previously released his collections XXX Maiden and Heat Alert to great fanfare.

Release Date January 2018 (Digital)  |  April 2018 (Paperback)
Artist MEME50
Inside the Book 12 Chapters, 215 Pages, 4 Color Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher FAKKU
Includes DRM Free Download, Achievement + Forum Access


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