Dva: Sun Kissed Version 1/6 Scale Figure (Melon Books Hermaphrodite Tapestry)

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Futanari Oppai Swimsuit

Introducing a sun-kissed version of hermaphrodite Dva

An intense 3D incarnation of the “Melon Books Hermaphrodite Tapestry” illustration by Ban! featuring Dva - a cutie with both male and female sexual organs.

The pasties can be attached or removed via magnets. Her male parts can be interchanged to have no condom, and you can also trade them out for all female parts to transform her into an average girl.

Enjoy Dva just the way you like.

Pre-order Due October 10, 2018
Release Date February 2019
Origin Melon Books Hermaphrodite Tapestry
Character Dva
Artist Ban!
Company Rocket Boy
Dimensions 1/6 Scale (6.2 inches)
Material ABS / PVC