Elevator Girl

Bound with a necktie to the elevator grate, she gazes at you with that look in her eye.  Exposed breasts, ripped stockings, and vibrator haphazardly strewn about - what sort of dangerous liaison transgressed in these closed quarters… ?

Following in the footsteps of “Girl M” and “Girl S,” with the same realistic character depiction and suggestive scenery attributed to his manga artist fame, we’re pleased to present this third figure based on an original illustration by Hanaharu Naruko, author of Shoujo Material.

From her alluring breasts to the folds of flesh beneath her disheveled skirt, Hanaharu Naruko has presented us with a real masterpiece.  This work is full of nuanced details, such as the beautifully curled tips of her hair, and daintily decorated garter belt.  And her tell-tale elevator attendant’s hat is removable, enabling you to place it anywhere that may suit your fancy.

Pre-order Due November 2014
Release Date April 2015
Origin Original Character
Character Elevator Girl
Artist Hanaharu Naruko
Company Native
Dimensions 1/7 Scale (4.3 inches)
Material ABS / PVC

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