Erika Kuramoto Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale Figure (Magical Girl Series)

by BINDing
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Cosplay Oppai Stockings

The third figure in Raita’s "Magical Girl" bunny girl series.

From the original story “Magical Girls” by popular illustrator Raita comes this figure of Erika Kuramoto, the down-home-gal idol who's secretly a Magical Girl, wearing a bunny costume!

The sculpture for this figure was of course based on an original illustration by Raita himself. And her voluptuous curves that eclipse even Misa Suzuhara, the first figure in this series, have been painstakingly rendered in all their glory.

Just like all of the other figures in this series, her legs are clad in actual fishnet tights, giving the curve from her fleshy thighs all the way to her slender ankles an expressive shadow.

Her voluptuous breasts, cinched waist, and sexy hips - measuring in at 440mm, the largest figure in this series, you can truly cherish Erika's unique super model physique

Pre-order Due June 15, 2019
Release Date* April 2020
Origin Magical Girl Series
Character Erika Kuramoto
Company BINDing
Dimensions 1/4 Scale (17.3 inches)
Material ABS / PVC

* Release date listed is a rough estimate provided by the figure manufacturer and is subject to change due to possible unforeseen delays during production / shipment