Euphoria (Hard copy)

"The game will now begin."

Keisuke and six heroines are trapped in a white, closed room.  A mysterious voice calls out to them.  The only way to escape is for Keisuke to become the 'Unlocker,' and perform specified acts upon each heroine, or 'Keyhole.'

Will you, the player, help Keisuke escape from the white room unharmed and return to his normal life, or will his desires consume him first...?


Note: This game is quite intense at times containing gore and scat play in certain arcs, be sure of your commitment to purchasing this game in spite of that.


System Requirements:

Required CPU:                       Pentium 4 1.5GHz
Recommended CPU:             Core2 Duo
Required Memory:                  1GB
Recommended Memory:        2GB
Required Resolution:              1024 x 768
Required Colors:                     16bit
Recommended Colors:           32bit
Required Graphics:                 VRAM 32MB
Recommended Graphics:       VRAM 64MB
Required HDD Free Space:    2.5GB

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