Fuck & Slash!

Ahegao Big Dick Blowjob Dark Skin Doujin Elf Fantasy Femdom Futanari Hentai Muscles Oppai Pettanko Pubic Hair Twintails Uncensored X-ray Yuri

Almira is an assassin sent to perform a hit job on an heir to a family of alchemists, Eva Claydor. The job turns out to be harder than she expected and she gets captured by Eva’s body guard.

After finding out Almira is a futanari, Eva decides to spare her life and keep her around as a sex pet. After all, Eva has something underneath her skirt too and some games are best played in two. Especially when some mind control magic comes into play...

Parody Original Work
Artist Suzurame
Circle Rock Steady
Event Futaket 13
Publisher 2D Market