Heart for Boyfriend; Body for Teacher

Blowjob Booty Cheating Condom Creampie Dark Skin Doujin Hairy Hentai Kogal Netorare Oppai Schoolgirl Outfit Stockings Swimsuit Twintails Uncensored

Momose couldn't believe her luck when her crush Yoshida confessed to her and they started dating right away. Despite the mutual feelings and shared interests, her new boyfriend is somewhat lacking downstairs and she can't help but feel unsatisfied after their first time having sex, even if it makes her feel a little guilty. When their teacher, Mr. Arai, catches her with a condom during a bag check, he asks Momose to speak privately about such a small condom. Momose's heart is already taken, but perhaps he can help satisfy her body.

Parody Original Work
Artist Highlow
Circle Piruporo
Event C95
Publisher ENSHODO