Hen-Tie Shirt

Hen-Tie Shirt

Now some of you may be wondering why anyone would want a shirt with a hen on it. It's not exactly something you see every day, but that's what makes this shirt so special! It represents so much more.

We spent days, weeks, maybe even months working on this idea. Did we really want a hen wearing a tie? What if instead we had two hens crossing a finish line? What about a hen in a tie-fighter? What if we made a tie and covered it in hens? Clearly it was not an easy decision, but in the end we made the right one.

You can wear this shirt proudly in public and no one will know that you secretly touch yourself to two dimensional cartoon pornography. And if anyone does figure it out they will only give you an affirmative nod in agreement. If a family member or loved one asks why you are wearing a shirt with a chicken on it just reply "I like his sense of style, this is clearly a professional piece of poultry" and turn it around by questioning why they would dare doubt your clearly good judgment.

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