Hikari! Love Potion


Blowjob Catgirl Color Dark Skin Elf Fantasy Game Group Harem Hentai Isekai Maid Oppai Paizuri Twintails Uncensored

Yuuta is an average office worker that’s looking for some excitement in his boring life. One night like any other, a mysterious portal opens before him in the middle of the streets. Sophia, a former elf princess of an important medieval kingdom tells him he’s the messiah she’s been looking for so many years, the true savior from an old prophecy that must save and restore peace within her continent by using the Love Potion and defeating Beatrice, a corrupted Goddess that’s been creating chaos and confusion after starting and ending a war to obliterate all men and dominate all women by brainwashing. A little bit confused yet, Yuuta joins the busty princess on a lewd adventure in another world! Use the Love Potion to reverse the brainwashing effect on Beatrice’s main girls, make them join your harem party and save the world!

Developers Toffer Team
Publisher Toffer Team