How Did I Get Transformed Into a Cute Doll

Color Creampie Doujin Genderbend Heart Pupils Hentai Maid Netorare Oppai Uncensored

A new TSF doujinshi with a story written by Amulai and with beautiful art by Kurastuka Riko, the same pair that brought you I Wanted to Have a Lesbian Get a Taste of My Cock, but I Got Turned Into a Girl Instead.

This time, story is even darker. Our man character is cursed by Ayatsuri, his rival in love, and his soul is forced to inhabit a human-sized doll. As a doll, he’s forced to work as Ayatsuri’s maid, fulfilling his every command, whether it’s about cleaning, cooking or “night duties”. As time goes on, his mind is getting attuned more and more into being just a submissive female doll.
Is there any hope for him to escape? Does he even want that any more...?

Parody Original Work
Artist Kuratsuka Riko
Circle Amulai Sweets Factory
Event N/A
Publisher 2D Market