HuniePop is a unique sim experience for PC, Mac and Linux. It's a gameplay first approach that's part dating sim, part puzzle game, with light RPG elements, a visual novel style of presentation, an abrasive western writing style and plenty of "plot".

After a pathetic attempt to try and pick up Kyu, a magic love fairy in disguise, she decides to take you under her wing and help you out with your crippling inability to meet new women. After a few dating lessons and some sound advice, Kyu sends you out into the world ready to take on the dating world and a wide cast of beautiful babes.

Release Date Jan 19, 2015
Language English Audio w/ English Text
Developer HuniePot
Publisher HuniePot


Minimum Requirements

Platform Windows XP+, Mac OS X 10.6+, Ubuntu (or equivalent)
Processor 1.2 GHz
Memory 2 GB RAM
Storage 1 GB Available Space