I Love You So, Master! -I Wanna Get Jumped by my Elf Maid-

Bakunyuu Blowjob Creampie Elf Heart Pupils Lingerie Maid Paizuri Stockings Uncensored X-Ray

Who doesn't love maids? Or elves? And when you combine them, things get even more wonderful in this lovey-dovey vanilla romp. A young elven girl ends up being sheltered by a wealthy family when war breaks out, and in honest gratitude, she decides to become their maid! She quickly falls in love with her master, but opportunities to have sex are far and few between, so when she ends up alone with him and finds him with morning wood, she makes the most of her opportunity!

Parody Original Work
Artist sorono
Circle Soronosanchi
Inside the Book 27 Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher ENSHODO