Magical Girl Yui Nitta

by Native
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Introducing Yui Nitta, the 3rd native figure from the "Magical Girls" original manga series by popular illustrator Raita!

Raita provided a gorgeous illustration of Yui to create this figure - with her slender junior-idol-like build, and a mischievous smile across her face.

Her soft and supple straight hair, the rose motif around her waist, and light yet realistically weighted armor has all been flawlessly sculpted by Sakurako Iwanaga, the same artist who sculpted Sasaki from this series.

One of Yui’s most alluring features, the armor concealing her tiny breasts, has been faithfully recreated to hover just above her skin.

You’ll want to take your time to appreciate this gorgeously detailed figure.

1/6 Scale (approximately 7.6 inches in height)