Mating with Oni Sisters 2

Anal Booty Creampie Cunnilingus Group Monster Girl Oni Oppai Rimjob Stockings Uncensored

After watching her sister have sex, Hari is reluctantly made to endure Souichiro's emboldened state by being ravished in the ass. And just when the two Blue Oni think they're about to have a nice threesome together with their stolen male mate, Kaede and Momiji barge in to save the day. Unfortunately, Souchiro seems to be too dazed to actually recognize his own wife and mother-in-law. What are the Red Oni to do?

*The signed paperback copy of this doujinshi is censored and in Japanese.

Parody Original Work
Artist Shindou
Circle Dodo Fuguri
Inside the Book 27 Pages
Language English (Signed paperback in Japanese)
Uncensored Yes
Publisher ENSHODO