Big Dick Creampie Group Oppai Stockings Twintails Uncensored X-Ray

After consistently getting their asses handed down to them, Trio the Minor decide to implement a new strategy to combat the Cures: hook them on sex. As it turn out, both Kanade and Hibiki were sex-hungry sluts in denial all along, and only needed a little push in the right direction. After that, even their Cure outfits change into a lewder form to reflect their real nature! Enjoy this amazingly drawn doujinshi depicting the fall of Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm into depravity! Muse, Beat, Seika and Waon also get a full page sexy illustration each after the main story.

Parody PreCure
Artist sin
Circle sin-maniax
Inside the Book 22 Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher 2D Market