Mizuki Suzushiro 1/6 Figure (BokuGirl)

Contrary to his desire to be strong and masculine, high-schooler Mizuki Suzushiro is often mistaken for a cute young girl. But then one day, he finds a mischievous god has actually transformed his body full-on female!?

Every fleshy nuance drawn by artist, Akira Sugito, has been perfectly captured by the delicate touch of sculptor Chieri. From the smooth legs to soft breasts, the more you look the more you can’t help but stare in delight.

Special interchangeable parts are included, allowing you to display Mizuki with or without the hood. And Loki’s long tail is bendable, allowing you to shape it however you please.

Pre-order ends: October, 10th 2016

Estimated date of shipment: May 2017

Approximately 140mm (5.5 Inches) in height.

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