Monster Smash

ISBN : 9781634421300
Ahegao Blowjob Booty Condom Creampie Cunnilingus Dark Skin Exhibitionism Eyebrows Fangs Fantasy Group Heart Pupils Horns Impregnation Kimono Masturbation Monster Girl Office Lady Oni Oppai Pettanko Ponytail Stockings Uncensored Vanilla X-Ray

Rising from the grave, FAKKU Books brings a new monster girl book that will make more than the hairs on the back of your neck rise. Monster Smash is the first book from new-comer Mizone, but it's so good it'll make you toss out your old monster manual and replace it with Monster Smash as your new go-to tome. Collecting nine sweet vanilla monster chapters, Mizone has treated our readers with most delightful dullahans, sultry snake women and cutie centaurs, which I know are all very close to our readers' hearts. These monster girls may look devilish, but they're nothing by pure angels.

Release Date July 2018 (Digital)  |  November 2018 (Paperback)
Artist Mizone
Inside the Book 9 Chapters, 198 Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher FAKKU
Includes DRM Free Download, Achievement + Forum Access


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