My Little Brother is Dating My Ex - Part 2

Ahegao Big Dick Blowjob Booty Cheating Color Creampie Doujin Exhibitionism Group Heart Pupils Hentai Netorare Oppai Schoolgirl Outfit Swimsuit Twintails Uncensored X-ray

After enduring a month of being her ex boyfriend's fuckbuddy, Aoi thought she would finally be free to return to her normal, peaceful school life with her new boyfriend. Despite knowing who she was dealing with, however, she is shocked to learn that Kazuki's older brother had secretly filmed them fucking, in his bed no less! Desperate to keep it a secret, Aoi agrees to be her ex's sex slave for the whole of the summer break in exchange for getting rid of the footage. With Kazuki still none the wiser, will Aoi be able to keep things hidden long enough to return to her normal life?

Parody Original Work
Artist Imazon
Circle Crimson CROWN
Event N/A
Publisher Irodori