Nakahara Tomoe ~Invitation~

An enchanting kimono-clad beauty “Tomoe Nakahara” entreats you to join her for a titillating libation… the 4th illustration figure from legendary artist Tony Taka!

This figure captures all the beauty and allure of the original drawing, from her long black hair fluttering in the breeze to the intricate pattern on her kimono. With clothes loosely draped, her long slender thighs and cleavage are exposed for you to enjoy.

Parasol is covered in real Japanese paper, invoking an air of elegance for your unforgettable night together.

All the splendor of the original illustration has been magnificently brought to life by sculptor “Yuki,” who also sculpted “Touko in the Lavatory.”

1/7 Scale (approximately 6.8 inches in height, excluding umbrella)

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