Smack Smack ☆ Hypnotism Patisserie

Booty Creampie Exhibitionism Group Hairy Humiliation Masturbation Oppai Tomboy Uncensored X-Ray

Akira and Yukari catch a creeper taking photos inside the Kirakira Patisserie and kick him out, destroying his phone in the process. His resentment, however, gets him possessed by Dark Kirakiraru, granting him the power of hypnosis. Wielding his new power, he comes back to the Kirakira Patisserie, bent on revenge. The girls are in for a while ride of humiliation, shame, wild sex and even some hot yuri action!

Parody Precure
Artist Mutya
Circle Muchakai
Inside the Book 32 Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher 2D Market