Smack Smack ☆ Night Hypnotism Patisserie

Ahegao Anal Blowjob Booty Cosplay Doujin Group Heart Pupils Hentai Magical Girl Oppai Stockings Tomboy Toys Ugly Bastard Uncensored X-ray

The story set up in “Smack Smack ☆ Hypnotism Patisserie” is now reaching its climax! Macaron is already broken in, which leaves only Chocolat resisting the influence of Dark Kirakiraru. If she falls, there would be nothing preventing the scumbag creep from opening a special night-time only patisserie, where the main dish would be Macaron and Chocolat.

Parody Precure
Artist Mutya
Circle Muchakai
Event C95
Publisher FAKKU