Sonicomi: Communication with Sonico (Limited Edition)

'Your camera points up towards towards the stage, focusing on the next up-and-coming star, Super Sonico.  As her new cameraman it's your job to help her succeed in becoming a model and musical star.

However, the road to fame takes more than just a pretty face.'


Back at the office you'll meet with Sonico's manager and clients to discuss upcoming photo shoots. Each client has specific needs and requests, so you'll need to keep these in mind as you manage Super Sonico's look, attitude and poses in each session.

A good cameraman knows how to get the best from their models. You'll need to select the best outfits and locations so Sonico can meet the requirements of each client. Through your success Sonico's career will be shaped. Will she become a sexy otaku cosplayer or an internationally known super model? Super Sonico is willing to do anything with you as her cameraman!

With one eye through the camera's viewfinder you'll need to position yourself to get the best shots, all while monitoring Sonico's mood and energy levels. You'll direct Super Sonico to pose, relax and play to get the best photos.

Between each studio set, you'll get a chance to talk with Super Sonico about her personal life. These precious moments will bring you closer to Sonico than you've ever been!


The limited edition of Sonicomi includes the following:

-Super Sonico Acrylic Figure

-Beautiful Illustration Cards

-Sonicomi Game on PC DVD-Rom

-Steam Download Key

-Game Manual


System Requirements:

OS:               Windows Vista/7/8/10
Processor:    2.4Ghz Dual-Core
Memory:        2 GB RAM
Graphics:      512MB VRAM
DirectX:         Version 9.0c
Storage:        4 GB available space



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