Starless: Nymphomaniacs' Paradise Limited Edition

Welcome to the world of Starless, the amazing masterpiece by Seishojo, creator of Bible Black and Discipline.

When Yukito Sawatari finds an amazing part-time job that pays $20,000 for just two weeks of work, he thinks he's the luckiest guy in the world. But the job isn't an easy one; he'll have to move into a mysterious mansion and sexually service the women who live there. Every day there's a new fetish to explore as he works tirelessly to please Maria, the mistress of the house, her daughters Marika and Marisa, and a host of other women. When the innocent Yuuna arrives, ready to take on similar activities as a "servant" in the mansion, Yukito is torn. Can he allow this pure girl to be defiled by Maria and others, or should he help her escape?

A fascinating erotic smorgasbord by Japan's premier hentai creator, Starless: Nyphomaniac's Paradise is a wonderful feast of erotic 2D visuals.

This game is available in limited package edition or download edition. The limited edition includes:

  • A large Japan-style box.
  • The game on DVD-ROM.
  • A gorgeous 62 page perfect-bound artbook with gorgeous art and sketchwork of the game.
  • An original interview with artist Sei Shoujo about his art influences, how he entered the industry and more.
  • Separate game manual.
  • Download card w/code, for users who don't have optical media drives on their computer.

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