Sweet Sweet Kashima

Creampie Handjob Oppai Schoolgirl Outfit Twintails Uncensored Vanilla X-Ray

Suzuya and Haruna are away on a mission, and Kashima steps up to serve as the Admiral's secretary. In typical Japanese fashion, the Admiral collapses from overworks. Now, it's up to Kashima to nurse the Admiral back to health! But Admiral has had no outlet for his sexual desires for weeks, so even while passed out his tent is rising. Just as Kashima is wondering if she should do something about that, the Admiral wakes up just in time to nudge her in the right direction. Sweet sweet sex ensues.

Parody Kantai Collection
Artist Awayume
Circle Yuusaritsukata
Inside the Book 21 Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher 2D Market