Tales of a Harem in Another World 4

Blowjob Booty Creampie Doujin Elf Fantasy Femdom Group Harem Hentai Isekai Oppai Pubic Hair Stockings Tsundere Uncensored X-ray

Naoki Oikawa finds himself "trapped" in Lesbule castle after the Princess continuously provides him sexual comfort through the aid or her personal guards. Her schemes, however, belie a more sinister plan to the point that she tricks her own queen mother and requests Naoki to have sex with her. Just what is the princess really trying to do? And will Naoki ever get back on track to continue his quest to defeat the Dark Lord? More lore and plot in this latest installment of Tales of a Harem in Another World!

This release also includes chapter 4.5, the supplemental chapter released as a separate work in the original Japanese.

Parody Original Work
Artist Tachibana Omina
Event C96
Publisher Irodori Comics