Tales of a Harem in Another World - Extra Chapters

Blindfold Blowjob Booty Catgirl Creampie Doujin Elf Fantasy Group Harem Hentai Isekai Oppai Paizuri Ponytail Stockings Uncensored X-ray

Bonus Chapter 1 - Elf Natalia is back! After getting a short taste of her at the end of chapter one, Naoki Oikawa savors the moment in this bonus chapter dedicated entirely to the well developed elf!

Bonus Chapter 2 - Looking for a little femdom in your isekais? In this bonus chapter the tables get turned on Naoki Oikawa when the four girls blindfold and gang(bang) up on him!

Bonus Chapter 3 - After going at it with the Members of the Royal Guard, it's time to go back to the basics in this bonus chapter. Naoki Oikawa visits the house of Filia, and brings along his unending sex drive!

Parody Original Work
Artist Tachibana Omina
Event C95
Publisher Irodori