Tales of a Harem in Another World Vol. 2

Blowjob Catgirl Creampie Elf Fantasy Group Harem Masturbation Oppai Paizuri Rimjob Stockings Uncensored X-Ray

After an extended stay, the party finally leaves the village of Füs and makes way for the Imperial Capital of Lesbule. Escorting them is Mila Micola, a former handmaid of the royal court-turned personal assistant of our Hero. Running to a monster encounter along the way, the girls discover that the power bestowed upon them by the Hero's semen wears out after time. Realizing this, they decide to "stock up" for the night as they proceed to camp out in a forest teaming with monsters. Although Mila's orders were to stand guard as the party engaged in their orgy, the scent of the Hero's semen seems to be enough to produce an effect... In the end, the harem grows even bigger in this second installment of the wildly popular original series Tales of a Harem in Another World by Tachibana Omina!

*The signed paperback copy of this doujinshi is censored and in Japanese.

Parody Original Work
Artist Tachibana Omina
Inside the Book 51 Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher Irodori