The Last Girl ~Janna's Diary of Shame~

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Ahegao Blowjob Creampie Exhibitionism Femdom Game Hentai Uncensored
The doom has come, facing all the dark sides of humanity and men who have become animal, alone. Can you survive?you be able to survive for ten days?


The doom has come, you have to face the dark sides of humanity survive . Finding materials and foods, is the key to win this game, besides that, you can also build up the defense and recruit new partners to make you easier to win this game.

living in shame

We created 2 girls character for our customer to experience and to explore. In the game, you can experience the variety and difficult choices both characters have to make for survival.

Humanity test

Nearly 20 emergency situations, you will never see them coming. You have to make choices that against your own conscience, hope you will keep the kindness in your heart when the moment has come.


This game involved plots that rarely seen in adult games industry like main character got abused and raped. Besides, there are plots that involved bondage, lesbian, raping, assaulting and murdering. What are you waiting for? Purchase to experience something new!
Developers Banana King
Publisher Banana King