The Obstinate Elf Knight Princess VS The Orc's Ultimate Female Subjugation Squad

Ahegao Color Cunnilingus Doujin Elf Fantasy Group Hentai Oppai Uncensored

A war between the Elves and Orcs continue to rage on across the land. The Orc troops had captured many female Elves, whom they raped and turned into sex slaves. In an effort to overcome this impasse, the Elven Princess Knight Lylliel stood up to fight against the Orc forces. Unfortunately she was defeated; and she, too, became a sex slave of the orcs. The princess, however, possessed greater resiliency compared to normal elves and resisted her captors attempts at breaking her in for an entire week. But something big was about to happen...

Parody Original Work
Artist Tomokichi
Circle Yudokuya
Event C93
Publisher Irodori Comics