The Pollinic Girls Attack! Complete

ISBN : 9781634421676
Anal Apron Blowjob Color Cosplay Creampie Cunnilingus Dark Skin Glasses Group Harem Lingerie Nurse Office Lady Oppai Paizuri Pettanko Pregnant Schoolgirl Outfit Socks Stockings Swimsuit Teacher Toys Twintails Uncensored X-Ray Yuri

Allergy season is back... again in eromanga form!

It’s that time of year where the dark nights of winter are in the rear view mirror. Spring is upon us, and with it comes higher temperatures and brighter days! Spring also means allergy season, and while some of us get a little under the weather with hay fever, the citizens of Koume Keito’s newest title are burning up!

The Pollinic Girls Attack! Complete is the ultimate remedy for all your seasonal needs! Whether you suffer from ceder, cypress, birch or ragweed, it won't take too long until readers are infected with a red hot fever. Try as you might to stop the symptoms, once you see Koume Keito's massive orgies you’ll find yourself neck deep in bodies covered in love juices.

Packed at a massive 256 pages, including over 60 full color pages, this new release of the The Pollinic Girls Attack! is the definitive edition of this eromanga classic.

And the special edition is the sweet sugar that helps the medicine go down. Along with our regular book release, FAKKU will be producing a very limited special edition of The Pollinic Girls Attack! Complete that will be compiled in a collectible box set! Included is a copy of The Pollinic Girls Attack! Complete, a 1600mm dakimakura featuring the lead character and Pollinic Girl Cedar, and the board game Pollinic Girls Go Brain! This will be a one time limited release and once we sell out, it’ll go back into the FAKKU vault, never to be released again. You can check out this special edition here.

Release Date March 2019 (Digital)  |  August 2019 (Paperback)
Artist Koume Keito
Inside the Book 22 Chapters, 256 Pages, 60 Color Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher FAKKU
Includes DRM Free Download


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