Tick! Tack! ~ Sequel to Shuffle!

One summer holiday, on a calm afternoon, Mayumi and Itsuki accidentally activate a magical item in Nerine's room. Rin, Nerine, Itsuki and Mayumi are sent to the World of the Devils, 20 years in the past! The four meet two women at the start of this crazy an unlikely adventure, one of which is engaged to none other than the King of Devils himself... and it's not Nerine's real mother!

They can't return to the modern day and leave things like this! The four must band together to return history to the way it should be. Many mysterious encounters will transpire within this recurring, wildly swinging threads of history. This is where Rin will discover a history he never knew...

This game is fully translated to English and fully uncensored. The game is also 100% DRM free, with no online activation or copy protection on the disc.

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