Touko in the Lavatory

Following in the footsteps of her beloved grandfather, one of Touko's favorite pastimes is composing haiku.
Taking advantage of the silence and privacy of the lavatory to ponder over a few lines, someone suddenly bursts in…!

Touko is wearing tailored clothes, so you can dress her up or down to suite the occasion. With her panties dropped to her knees, or right hand shoved deep between her thighs, we encourage you to use your imagination.

Her pupils are made with a clear material, giving a moist and glistening real look. And her toilet, which also serves as the figure stand, features a working seat and lid!

Sculpted by Yuki Teru, who has faithfully brought Tony Taka's original illustration to life.

Origin Original Character by Tony
Character Touko
Company Native
Dimensions 1/7 Scale (7 inches)
Material ABS / PVC

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