Tropical Island Maniacs: My Host Family is So Lewd! 4

Creampie Doujin Glasses Group Hairy Harem Hentai Housewife Oppai Ponytail Swimsuit Uncensored X-ray

After holding back for a week, Akari and Tsuzumi reward Kei with a swim at the beach, where they of course have more then just swimming planned. Once they get back from a day full of threesomes and creampies, Kei helps their mother, Tamaki, move some boxes... as well as control her libido. While continuing to have sex with each other behind Akari and Tsuzumi's back, Kei learns more of the past of the family, and what happened to the father. Will Kei be able to hide his secret relationship with their mother from Akari and Tsuzumi?

Parody Original Work
Artist Narusawa Kei
Circle Sound Sticker
Event COMIC1☆13
Publisher Irodori Comics