Tropical Island Maniacs: My Host Family is so Lewd! 5

Booty Condom Creampie Doujin Glasses Harem Hentai Oppai Ponytail Pubic Hair Uncensored X-ray

Kei and the sisters are studying together, but something's different, and Akari is growing suspicious. Akari does what she does best to try and wring out just what happened the other day, and Kei is awful at telling lies! Will he be able to hide what happened between him and their Mother? Tsuzumi on the other hand doesn't care, she just wants to have sex with the man she loves, and takes this opportunity to tell him exactly how she really feels.

Parody Original Work
Artist Narusawa Kei
Circle Sound Sticker
Event Sunshine Creation 2018 Summer
Publisher Irodori Comics