TSF Story Append 1.0

Ahegao Anal Blowjob Condom Creampie Futanari Genderbend Oppai Schoolgirl Outfit Socks Uncensored

A common fantasy: waking up as the opposite sex. What it would be like, what would you do; endless possibilities and ideas, all impossible of course.

Synopsis: For Takumi Musashino though, the fantasy became a reality.

A life saving genetic surgery proves to have some unintended side effects when he wakes up four months later as a woman, with no way to reverse the effects for the time being. Facing an uncertain life in essentially a new body, Takumi begins a very surreal journey that will take him into unknown territory... and he just might like what happens.

Artist ShindoL
Circle Da Hootch
Event C84
Inside the Book 42 Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes