Urotsukidoji : Legend of the Overfiend Volume 1

ISBN : 9781634420501
Hairy Horror Schoolgirl Outfit

Japanese horror manga series that has gained a cult following around the world.

There is a legend that in 3,000 years an unbeatable god of the demon world known simply as the Overfiend will be resurrected into the body of a young man. Amano, a half demon, travels to the human world to find the Overfiend before his pure demon rivals find the god-like being. Unfortunately, he keeps on being side-tracked by Tatsuo Nagumo, a shy, bumbling lecherous teen, and future classmate, that keeps finding himself in all sorts of trouble with beings from the Demon Realm. If Amano can’t find the host of the Overfiend, how is going to be able to protect him from the clutches of the oncoming demon horde?

Fakku Books is proud to re-release in its entirety, the complete series Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend by seminal erotic-horror writer and artist Toshio Maeda. A pioneer of the hentai genre, Maeda is known for his blend of eroticism, horror and comedy. Maeda has been in international media sensation appearing on programs with Anthony Bourdain and starring as a guest at numerous pop culture events such as New York Comic Con, Anime Expo, and Anime Weekend Atlanta. Maeda’s work on La Blue Girl and Adventure Kid have also received international acclaim for decades making in one of the biggest names in hentai ever.  

Release Date December 2016 (Digital)  |  December 2016 (Paperback)
Artist Toshio Maeda
Inside the Book 308 Pages, 12 Color Pages
Language English
Uncensored No
Publisher FAKKU
Includes DRM Free Download, Achievement + Forum Access


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