Urotsukidoji : Legend of the Overfiend

Legend of the Overfiend is a Japanese erotic horror manga series that has gained a cult following around the world. Originally published over 30 years ago, the story follows the unbeatable god of the demon world who is hiding within the body of a young man.

FAKKU has teamed up with the author, Toshio Maeda, to publish a completely remastered edition of the original series. The remastered edition will include color pages and new content that has never been seen before in English.

This manga was published before the advent of digital illustration, it was created entirely by hand using traditional manga techniques. We've been given the original print version from Toshio Maeda himself, allowing us to use the best source material possible.

  • Paperback Includes Free Digital Version
  • Digital Includes DRM Free Downloads
  • 308 pages, 12 color pages
  • Unlocks Supporter Achievement and Forum Access

Paperback Ships: December 2016

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