Victim Girls 25: How to Dehorn a Shortstack

Ahegao Bakunyuu Big Dick Creampie Doujin Fangs Group Heart Pupils Hentai Horns Muscles Oppai Paizuri Squirting Stockings Uncensored X-ray

This doujinshi follows after the events of Victim Girls 20 and Victim Girls 21. After the alchemist family and numerous female erune, this time it’s the female draph crew members that have gone missing. The remaining ones band together and follow the trail of their missing comrades back to the hideout of the band of hoodlums.

They got more than they bargained for: a farm where draph women are held captive and have their horns forcefully removed. Draph horns are a well sought-after commodity, but upon dehorning, the victims turn into barely cognizant horny sluts.

...and the farm just got a whole crew worth of draph girls to process.

Parody Granblue Fantasy
Artist Asanagi
Circle Fatalpulse
Event C94
Publisher 2D Market