Yukari Yuzuki's Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure

Bondage Fantasy Pettanko Sci-Fi Stockings Tentacles Uncensored

Yukari accepts an offer to be a beta tester for an advanced VR experience based on original DQ. It's so advanced it has full body haptic feedback. Turns out it's a bit too advanced, with slimes ganging up on Yukari while growing appendages and lunaticks' tentacles being able to do all kinds of lewd things. On top of that, Yukari is too lazy to properly grind and defeat the green dragon, so she gets toyed around by the various monsters a lot. In short, a truly magnificent VR experience.

Parody Vocaloid, Voiceroid, Dragon Quest
Artist Hanauna
Circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen
Sunshine Creation 2016 Winter
Inside the Book 25 Pages
Language English
Uncensored Yes
Publisher 2D Market